Nature inside

Object: Hall in the residential complex Parkovy Gorod
Area: 200 m2
Implementation: 2021

We know the most important features of hall design in residential complexes. It is important to create an ergonomic convenient space 100% adapted to your requirements. That’s how we created hall space in RC Parkove Misto.

In “Nature inside” project we have used to the maximum usable area, paid attention to each working place and public zones.

Decoration of all zones is made in minimalistic stylistics with laconic and plane forms. Materials and textures are harmonically combined with an exterior round the house. Nature motives in details were the main vector in decoration of premises. They can be seen in lighting, furniture textures and colours.

Timeless really profitable investments are contribution into one’s own individual lifestyle, the atmosphere that will surround you every day and will inspire you for new goals achievement. Your way to success starts with an exclusive interior by “ArtStudio”.