Object: Residential house
Area: 310 m2
Implementation: 2021

“Myrtle”(Мирт) – is a plant which is a personification of silence and peace symbol and which also a dominant component of our project “Graceful myrtle”.

In the created space of  “ArtStudio” design bureau we wanted the house to become the new place of power, which carries the energy of surrounding nature and gives inspiration at every moment. Plant motives are present in lighting, decor and wall decorations and also combine outer space of exterior with inner decoration of the house.

Competent zoning while planning the project “Graceful myrtle”, makes the interior opened and spacious. On the ground floor there is a living-room overlooking an incredible forest. Dining zone with warm natural shades as well as the living-room with its soft modular couch in warm shades near the fireplace, invites to enjoy delicious dinner in the circle of closest people and relax after the hard day’s work.

Pastel shades of green and deeper terracotta is a brave and expressive combination which looks especially astonishing with natural finishing materials of classical shades.

In “Graceful myrtle” project the inner portrait of the client is represented with all the requirements. The project reflects individual lifestyle – luxurious interior organized for relaxation, comfortable work and entertainment.